First of all, I have been selling mail order for over 25 years now, and pride myself in my service, but like anything bought online you're now covered by the Distance Selling Regulations, which really just safeguards you against dodgy sellers, basically guaranteeing your goods or your money back. Full details of that can be found online, just search for ' Distance Selling Regulations' and you can read about your rights as a buyer and what I the seller have to do.

So I have been making prop, costume and model parts for over 20 years now.  Prop and costume wise, normally I just make those things that I love from a film or TV series, and don't tend to just make any old thing, it has to be something I was interested in or remembered from when I was little and always wanted it, but of late have also helped out friends with their costumes, adding to the range of things I do.

Model wise I have always loved scale things, as I just love all that detail but small, and the more detail cramped into something the better.  Boat wise I love 1:20 scale, as it just allows so much more detail than the smaller scale stuff, so most of the model boat accessories are aimed at around that scale, but there is always a bit of leeway with scale model accessories so it can be used with scales either side, but of late have noticed more and more people moving towards 1:20 so am planning to expand the range, as perhaps like me, they have found when sailing on a pond it looks so much better from the bank, than those smaller boats.

Model car wise, well that's 1:10 as that's the most common scale, and started out with a blazing blazer, but more recently turned to land rovers as I found they are really popular, but nobody makes much in the way of accessories, so am sort of focusing on expanding my landrover range of accessories, but am also doing some bits for the Hilux and bruiser, as they are also lacking accessories. Of course while many are vehicle specific, most are universal, so can be used with any car or truck.

I also have a range of modelling spares, parts which I wanted when making something but couldn't buy off the shelf so as I sourced suitable items added them to my range, which is now always expanding.
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