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  • Chain Binder Type 1
    Chain Binder Type 1
    With my truck build getting there, I notice people using chains to hold cargo down, but after watching an Aussie trucking program noticed they had binders to tighten the chain, so thought I would have a go at making some. They are injection moulded in HIPS so can be stuck together with normal polystyrene cement, and using pictures I could find tried to get them as close scale wise as I could get. (They are for show only and don't work as such.) This comes in parts and just need cleaning up and sticking...
  • Plastic Barrel
    Plastic Barrel
    When looking, I could find no end of different steel based traditional barrels, but none of the more modern plastic drums, so set about scaling one down. This is based on a 220 litre plastic barrel which is commonly used today for carrying everything from powder, to liquid, to foodstuff, to name just a few. The main body comes cast in blue resin and the lid which is injection moulded is black, so no painting needed, it ready to use straight out the packet. I have also included a picture with a action...
  • Stacking Plastic Pallet
    Stacking Plastic Pallet
    So I noticed there were wooden pallets in abundance on here for a 1:14 scale trucks, so thought I would make something a bit more modern and different, that being a plastic pallet. Using some pictures I took locally of stacking plastic pallets I set about scaling one down, then made a mould and injection moulded them, to give people the option of wood or plastic pending the look they were going for. You get one pallet and it comes in black plastic, so no painting needed. You get one pallet.
  • Wheel chocks and holder
    Wheel chocks and holder
    With my truck build getting there, and future thoughts on a trailer I noticed various wheel chocks available, but no holders to put them in, and as most of the time these are used just for show on scale trucks, I decided to remedy the problem and set about making chocks and a holder you could fit to the chassis. You get a pair of chocks and a simple, but effective holder which can be glued or screwed to the chassis to keep them in. The design was based on something I spotted in the local lorry service...
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