Bed Roll
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This is the first of my new small accessories, which don't really do anything except add detail to your scale truck, this being a pair of bed rolls.

I wanted to add a bit more detail than the others I have seen for sale so I set about scanning a clip buckle then scaled it down and made a mould so I could injection mould them, and while nothing major, personally I think it just adds that extra detail that really finishes off a good scale truck.

These come flat pack to save on bulky postage, and you get enough to make two complete bed rolls, which include two pieces of foam 180mm x 60mm, four lengths of strap 150mm x 4mm and four injection moulded buckles.

I have now put together a few pictures to show the easiest way to assemble them, as some people it seemed had trouble.


First stick a piece of sticky tape round the end and cut to a point, as this allows it to easily be threaded through the tiny slot.


Thread it through the single slot then pull all the way through leaving just five or ten millimetres and stick the end down, as this is the fixed end.


Lastly thread the end through from the bottom up, then back down the other slot and this allows the strap to be pulled tight.  Job done.



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