Drivers Body Type 1
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This is a reproduction of the original drivers body as used on the blazing blazer, but it is not just a copy.  I have tweaked it slightly as I never liked the way the driver just seemed to sit on the seat, so adjusted the bottom of his legs and back so he now sits properly in the seat, and also smoothed over what I thought was overly excessive crumples in the overalls and sleeves.  Lastly my pet hate was the piece of plastic between his legs to hold him, in, and hated that when looking into a scale truck there as plain as day was a screw head, so got rid of that, and added an extra piece inside to fix him via a unseen screw through in the seat. 

While he had been done to purposely fit the Blazing Blazer he will also fit the Bruiser or Hilux bench seat, but when trying him on my bench seat in the Bruiser, its seems slightly wider than the Blazer seats, so just need a smidge sanding off the front curve of the back of the leg to fit.

All parts come in beige resin ready for you to paint.


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