Land Rover Side Door Handle
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This is just another one of those detail pieces for people that want to turn the later body into an earlier one, that being the recessed side door handles.  This is my new injection moulded version which is the same as the old resin one, just in HIPS which sticks much better to the body.

Each handle comes in two parts, the recess and handle, because I found when fitting on, to just finish it off you really needed to smooth around the inner recess where it met the body and with the handle in place you just can't do that. 

I have also included a die cut cardboard template for positioning, but there are two positions you can fit this in as the styrene shell is not an exact copy of the real one.  This has the position of the recess handle in the same place as the finger well of the push button handle, but the door handle position on the styrene shell has the handle further forwards. Therefore I have cut two holes in the template so you can choose to put the handle over the finger well or in the position it would be on a real landrover.

The template simply lines up with the bottom and right-hand side score line of the door and allows you to easily mark out the hole space to be cut out.

This is made from white injection moulded HIPS and as no mould release is needed can be painted straight from the packet.


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