Land Rover rear fuel filler
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This is my new injection moulded fuel recess and one of those parts that I think just finishes off a scale land rover.

I had quite a lot of feedback from my resin version so applied that input to the new version.  Firstly some people found it tricky to cut out a perfect hole in the rear, so the new version has a front lip and flange.  This does require a bigger hole being cut in the body, but the upside is you get a perfect recess shape, and any filling that needs doing is done on the flat of the body and much easier to sand smooth.

The other thing was having the filler cap moulded in made it quite hard paint, so now they come loose.  I say they because you now get a choice of three.

As for fitting being HIPS any poly cement model glue will stick it firmly in place, but remember to use a styrene based model filler for any gaps as this bonds much better to the body than the automotive stuff.  Once fitted in place and the body painted, you just need to scratch a tiny bit of paint off from where the cap goes, then a dob of glue and its stuck in place.

The body is made from white injection moulded HIPS and the caps black nylon and I have now complied a guide which can be seen on my facebook page under ' donjarrdesigns ' which shows a step by step fitting of this item.

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fuel filler caps
Excellent Work and pieces and I will definitely say would recommend this company 4 parts can't wait to fit new Land Rover Defender wolf
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