Landrover Bonnet Bulge Type 1.
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My latest and finally perfected later model bonnet bulge conversion for the Gelande body.

It now comes in two main pieces, a CNC cut bonnet fill plate and a vac formed bulge,  (this does need trimming prior to fitting) and I also included a length of hips sheet that can be cut up and stuck underneath for reinforcement.

As for fitting you can see in the series of pictures, its as simple as lay the cnc cut fill plate onto the bonnet using the tabbed section at the back for positioning then mark round and cut out the hole.  When you have a good fit apply poly cement glue around the edge and stick in place, then using the spare piece of HIPS cut into 10mm wide lengths stick these underneath to reinforce it.

When done, its easier to fill and sand the fill plate first then when your happy with that stick the bulge on with the back lip in line with the rear of the fill plate and using poly cement stick that into place and with a bit of model filler smooth the edge in, then prepare to paint it as you would the rest of the car.

This is made from white 2mm HIPS so will stick to the gelande body with normal model polystyrene cement.

I have also put together a simple installation guide on my facebook page donjarrdesigns showing step by step how to do it.

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