Landrover Rear Wheel Carrier Type 3
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This is the third of my new injection moulded rear wheel carriers, but unlike the other two this offsets the spare wheel to the right side as I am also working on a  jerry can bracket and frame which will mount on the left.  Like the other two the frame and mounting brackets are separate  meaning if you want it to be able to swing open it can, or just be glued closed.

Of course being made from HIPS the mounting brackets can be stuck directly to the body with poly cement and I have included dome head bolts for if you want it to open, all you need to to is drill the frame and bracket.

I have also now added a bracket which comes with a bolt to attach the spare wheel to the frame with, and the wheel mount is threaded so all you need to do is position your wheel where you want it then drill a 4mm hole in the frame plate and push the bolt through and screw the bracket on, then fit the wheel and retaining bolt. 

I don't have a picture of this fitted to my test truck as the mounting points are different, but it fits and works as per the other two.

This is made from white injection moulded HIPS and as no mould release is needed can be painted straight from the packet.

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