R2 Ankle Cylinder Holders
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These are my new injection moulded ankle cylinder holders, which as HIPS is far strong and more durable than resin, allows for a much thinner and skeletal design, but at the same time being HIPS means it sticks super strong to the ankle cylinder, so gone is the need for large contact areas that resin needs to stick well, which at the end of the day means less weight, but more durability.

This is for a pair of Cylinder Holders, enough to do either the
outer legs or inner one, and if you want to do both you will need two packs of these.

While these are made to complement my injection moulded ankle cylinders, they are still built to the specified specs and will fit onto resin ankle cylinders, but you will need to use super glue or epoxy to do so.

These parts come in white HIPS and are ready to paint.  I also now do the ankle cylinders as well, (See listing) which fit perfectly with these.

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Fit and finish is superb
Ok they are what they are, simple items but the fit and finish is quite excellent and worlds away from other parts - I am now replacing most of my build parts with Richards as they are just so good
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