R2 Ankle Cylinders
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I am trying to move away from resin in favour of injection moulding, but due to the shot load of my injection moulding machine the parts have to broken down into kit form, which does require you to assemble them first, (normal model glue like Humbrol Liquid Poly works fine and Humbrol model filler for any seems.)  Also not all parts can be made like this as some are just too big volume wise, so some will still be made from resin.

This is the first new injection moulded part, that being the Ankle Cylinders.  This was one of those parts which even with my hollowed out lightweight version in resin, it was still dead weight, as with resin you can only go so thin before its not very strong, but these new ones being made from HIPS only weigh 140 grams a pair and are 70 grams lighter than my lightest resin version and despite being only just over 3mm thick in places they are much, much stronger.

These come trimmed from the injection sprue and need minor clean up work prior to assembling.  They have been designed in four parts, the two main tube sections and the end caps.  You will need to assemble, fill and smooth the tube section first as the end caps have been designed so the join line is actually the last visible line running round the surface, which means they just need gluing in place.  Paint wise its best to spray for a good finish and prime with something like Hycote plastic primer, then top coat in your chosen colour.  The mould release used can be painted over, there is no need to wash the parts, just wipe them over with a cloth first and they are good to go 

This is for a set of two ankle cylinders, enough to do either the outer legs or middle leg.  If you want to do both you will need two sets.

These parts come in white HIPS and are ready to paint.  I also now do the cylinder holders as injection moulded parts, (See listing) which fit perfectly with these.
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