R2 Octagon Ports
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This part is made to the specified 1:1 dimensions, however I based the slat spacing and centre knob size more on the original pictures of ILM's uber droid as it was called, as personally I thought the slighter bigger slats looked better, but all said and done most people never spot the difference. These now come with see through slats as some people like to leave them open, but on the other hand if you want to close them up, it's much easier to paint a piece of plastic blue to go behind, then stick it on, than try to paint each slat recess separately. Weight wise I have shaved a few grams off each one by leaving the centre knob hollow, but every little helps.



This is for a pair of octagon ports enough to do one droid.

All parts come in beige resin ready for you to paint.

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Awesome quality, perfect cast! Detail is amazing!
Andy Pugh
Any port in a storm? Not for this droid!
Richard's nailed it once again and far Cheaper than the imports. A+++
Excellent item
These are great and the spacing of the slats and fit and finish are just the best - I also like the fact that the centre "button" piece is a separate piece on its own so painting is much easier.
steve willis
r2 octagon port
theseare thebest u will get on the net best ever mega a++
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