Sand Ladders Type 1
£3.00 inc. tax

This is for a PAIR of my NEW profiled sand ladders which are now slightly wider and instead of just being flat have a proper profile just like you find on the real full size version.  

They are 150mm long, 46mm wide and roughly 2.5mm thick.

You get a pair of these in beige resin ready for you to paint.



 These are sand ladders and used for getting your scale truck out of either muddy, sand or any loose surface area, they are not bridging ladders and not made to bridge a gap and take the whole weight of your truck, they are simply to go onto the loose surface to give you traction.

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kestens karel
my 1/10 defender
img /img i hope you can see the perfect fit of the parts img \img
kestens karel
djdesign stuff landrover
hello ,i bought now for thevthird time some upgades for my landrovers 1/10 , the service is always top, communication also quick and to the point the overal qualitynof the parts is very good,the fit can't be better its almost like tamiya parts ,little afterwork sometimes but thats normal I would say don't hasitate buy from this shop its good quality stuff and very nice prices for me its a five stars rate like on ebay i'll be back soon
Perfect Style
perfect detailed resin items
Nicely Made Sand Ladders
See my video review here: At 3 a pair excluding shipping it was the most reasonably priced Land Rover Camel Trophy type of sand ladders I could find. There were two other vendors selling metal/steel ones that I really liked, but they were rather overpriced at 30 to 40 a pair excluding shipping. So these are good enough for me, especially since I just want them for show on my Land Rover D110 roof rack. Pretty good detailing as you can see in the video. They are made of resin and flex a fair bit (see video), but if your truck is not too heavy it should work well on the trails for you.
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