Towing Cable Type 1
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All my towing ropes and cables now come with a proper machine swaged ends, meaning they are stronger than ever.

This is the first in my new range of towing cables and t
his version uses stainless steel cable with a machine swaged thimble at each end and is 12 inches long and comes with yellow tubing over each end and the red marker in the middle.

It can be used for towing or lifting or just about anything else you want to use it for as its super strong and can withstand all the towing and jerking you can throw at it.  The only downside its its quite being cable tends to want to just be straight all the time so not so good for decoration but great if you want to pull you and your friends trucks, so up to you.

These have been tested to lift over 20kg so more than enough to pull your truck out of any sticky situation.




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