WMIK Front Bumper type 1
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This is a replacement front bumper for the D90 styrene body and also one of my new parts for the WMIK version of the landrover and comes with more surface detail and  a towing recess like the WMIK version has, but can also be used on a standard land rover too.
While it doesn't fit directly to the body, its fitted to the chassis and does require a pilot hole drilling into the resin prior to screwing on as trying to screw directly into the resin without a pilot hole just a bit smaller than the screw will cause the resin to chip, or you could drill and tap it which is my preferred option for fitting.

Also while it has a towing recess at the front, it's meant purely for cosmetic effect, so if you want to use it for reverse towing, it will need a small metal plate fitted underneath to take the strain.

This comes in beige resin ready for you to paint.


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