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  • Proton Grenade
    Proton Grenade
    This is something I made originally way back in 2007 ( http://www.donjarrs-place.com/07-making-stuff-sw-proton ) and based its design on screen grabs from the film, and sized it using the vent on the side, which was also used for Darth Vader's reveal helmet and Dengars chest piece, so by having it allowed me to get the size as near the film used one as I could get. This comes as a kit which needs painting and assembling and has instructions included on how to put it all together. You get everything...
  • Endor Commando Rank Badge
    Endor Commando Rank Badge
    I didn't realise when making the new biker scout thermal detonator parts, it was actually half the Endor commando rank badge, but had this pointed out to me by someone I am helping build a costume for, so with a bit of fiddling and lots of looking at screen shots off the blu ray extras disc I made a complete or as close as I could get it copy. Not a huge part, but one that just finishes off a costume perfectly. This comes in beige resin ready for you to paint.
  • Rebel Generals Collar Rank Badge
    Rebel Generals Collar Rank Badge
    I actually happened across the Airfix Harrier kit at a jumble sale of all places and knowing the collar pin worn by Lando Calrissian came from this kit, and after checking it was there snapped it up, then subsequently set about making the small, but important part if you have this costume. This is for a pair which come in beige resin ready for you to paint.
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