Huina 1580 Accessories

These parts are made to fit the standard Huina 1580 excavator.  They have been tested by myself and several fellow owners of the excavator to the best of our ability, but needless to say should anything break then all parts come with a 12 month guarantee against manufacturing based defects.  These parts have not been tested on excavators with upgrade parts such as higher power actuators or hydraulics as these put a lot more strain on things, and if using them on such machines then you do so at your own risk.


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  • Land Rake
    Land Rake
    This is an all steel Land Rake which comes powder coated black to fit the Huina 1580 excavator. I based the size and design on a real world version because I like things to look scale on scale models, hence I included the cut outs and serrated section near the tip. It uses standard Huina bucket mounting pin spacing so will also fit my new magnetic quick hitch which is sold seperately. Dimensions: 130mm Wide 60mm Deep
  • Ripper
    This is my design ripper, which I based on several pictures I found online. The blade is powder coated red, laser cut steel and its inserted and pinned into a plastic housing. It uses the standard huina bucket pin spacing so can be fixed directly to the arm or via my magnetic quick hitch which is sold seperatly.
  • Magnetic Quick Hitch
    Magnetic Quick Hitch
    This is my magnetic quick hitch to fit the Huina 1580 excavator. I found there wasn't a proper quick hitch to fit this excavator, the ones I could find still needed a second bolt to be inserted, which kind of defeated the point so set about making one using magnets to secure the bucket in place. To attach it's as simple as hooking the front pin into the slot then moving the hitch so the magnets grab the back, and it's done. To undo, you simply place the bucket on the ground and move the hitch in...
  • Bucket curl extension kit
    Bucket curl extension kit
    After having bought a 1580 excavator, as normal I had to fiddle with it, and my first gripe was the bucket or lack of curl, which meant when full of dirt and lifted right up the dirt tended to fall out before you could unload it into a dump truck because the bucket didnt curl up enough. I set about making variations of new arms to replace the standard ones and found due to the limited throw of the servo actuators it was a compromise between curl and outward extension, so settled for losing a bit...
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