I have loved making models from as early as I can remember, and my dad got me started when we used to build plastic kits together and things just went from there.  My first model boat was given to me by a friend of my Granddads as he used to hand build boats and engines, and at the time just had it as a push about to float boat, until I got older then set about making it radio controlled and things went from there.


I love all scale models, preferable better if they work, and for boats, for me it has to be 1:20 scale, as I just love the extra detail this scale allows you to add, something that's lost on smaller scale boats.  Model cars are 1:10 as that's the most common standard size and love working on my new landrover which I am also scratch building the chassis for.


I also love film prop items, just one of those things I like making, I guess the challenge comes from taking a screen snap of the part and trying to get it as close as possible.


Up until recently I made all the parts by hand from cut styrene or turning them on my lathe or milling machine, but have progressed if you like and now own a cnc router and 3d printer, both which allow me to be even more creative, while getting that bit extra detail in the parts I make.  


I am always making new things or on the lookout for a new project especially over the winter with the shorter days so check back from time to time to see what's new, or if you have something in mind, drop me a line as it might be worth me looking into.

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